My Prayer ‘Wheels’ for Video & Your Prayer ‘Wheel’ Package


In any creative process, there’s a sifting and sorting that must occur. Writers must go through many edits before a book is ready to publish. Musicians may go through many versions of a composition before they declare it finished. Visual artists may scrape and repaint a canvas before it is ready to be displayed in a gallery. Anyone who creates anything from scratch (cooks, chemists, engineers, knows this process.

The same is true of my process in deciding which Plant-a-Prayer™ ‘Wheels’ would be suitable for sale: round, well formed edges and consistent thickness of the paper stock.

No thin spots, no holes, no “funny” edges. Now, granted, no two Plant-a-Prayer™ ‘Wheels’ are the same. That is the Beauty of a completely hand crafted item. Uniformity would sterile, just not the same. But, anything that did not fit my basic criteria, were sorted out into the “Go Box”.


However, the same studio hours and hard work, the same Beautiful Energies that were with us in the studio, and the same Precious, hand-harvested Dandelion Seeds are still Present in the ‘wheels’ that I sorted out. I do not believe in waste, and discarding them completely, for me, was not an option.

These sorted Prayer ‘Wheels’ are the ones that I use for myself in the Plant-a-Prayer™ Prayer Planting Videos, found on YouTube and Instagram.

   When I intuitively receive the next Prayer that is to be Planted, I go through my tin (the “No Box”) and I choose one of the Beautiful-In-Their-Imperfection ‘Wheels’. I choose the One whose Energies speak to me the Most, in Attunement with the Prayer that I was Given. There are some truly oddly shaped ‘wheels’ in the “no box”, and I Love them as much (if not more) than the “perfect” ones in the “go box”.


Thank You so Much for Being Here and for Joining Me in this divinely Inspired Mission. 

* May Your Prayers Be Blessed with all of the Love inherent in this Creation process, from the First Inspiration, to the Studio and Beyond*


“Be the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of Prayer” ©

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