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PRAYER #9- September 14, 2020- 11_51 am
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September 17, 2020: Prayers Planted {#1-9} 
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Prayer #7 April 19, 2020 5.12 pm, for vi
Plant-a-Prayer™ Prayer #6.jpg
Prayer #5~ March 18, 2020
Prayer #4 ~ March 18, 2020
Plant-a-Prayer™- Prayer #2 - April 27, 2019
Compost Blessing Prayer #3 May 16, 2019
Prayer#8 May 12,2020- Rev. Ursula Carrie
PRAYER #9- September 14, 2020- 11_51 am

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April 19, 2020

Plant-a-Prayer™ creation

Day one in the studio

Plant-a-Prayer™ creation in the studio, day one

Plant-a-Prayer™ creation

Day two in the studio

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