This process is about slowing down and connecting with your Heart Center.  * The Heart is a powerful place in your Being where the Voice of your Highest Self, often referred to as the “still quiet voice within”, can be heard.

* This slowing down , being quiet, can take only a few moments, with one Deep Breath, while you focus on your Heart. This is where your Truth lives in your body. If something, or the idea of something, gives you an open feeling of Joy in your heart, this is your Truth. Trust yourself. * The Intention for the prayer that you will plant will come from this place, no matter how the words come to you. You can write them on the little prayer ‘wheel’. * There may be no words that come to you to write on the paper. You may experience a wordless feeling that just swells in your heart. This feeling, then, you can imagine as Energy, traveling down the length of your arms and into the Plant-a-Prayer™ ‘wheel’ in your hands. Perhaps your hands will feel warm. You may feel nothing. * All you have to imagine is your Feeling, Intention, Blessing, Prayer~ being absorbed by the paper. * Do not worry or focus on whether this Heartfelt prayer is practical, feasible or even manifest-able in any form, or if it will come to manifest in the physical world. Plant your prayer with Joy, have Fun and Release your prayer for the Infinite Creative Power of the Universe to do Its Work. 

* May Your Prayers Be Blessed *

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