A Divinely Inspired, Handmade-Paper Prayer Tool, to Unite Earth and Spirit

in the Human Heart, and call forth the Higher Blessings of the Universe, with Love and Joy, into Physical


$13 set of 3

  includes tax, postage & PayPal fee

LOVE NOTE: September 17, 2020

Hi Everyone. Thank you for visiting

Plant-a-Prayer™. I have been recently diagnosed

wih ME/CFS, after a rough battle with COVID-19 this Spring.

So, I see that there are things I must attend to

on this site, like "privacy policies", and "cookies"

and such. I will make an effort to tidy all of that up as

soon as I am able. I'm not personally collecting any

sort of "data" or anything on here, so I'll figure all

that out, so your visit to this site feels safe.

I know that I would want that for myself.

XoXo ~Ursula Carrie

Creator/Channel for Plant-a-Prayer™

  “Be the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of Prayer” ©

Be the Johnny Appleseed of Prayer
February 21, 2019~ Ursula Carrie forming the Paper
Oblong Shaped "Seconds", used for Prayer Planting Videos, by Rev. Ursula Carrie
Prayer #1 Planting April 17, 2019
Title Prayer #2
Prayer #3 ~May 16, 2019
Prayer #6 ~April 4, 2020
Prayer #7
Packaged to Order, Especially for YOU
It's ALL Compostable! The Sugar Cane Label & the Cello Sleeve
With Love, Ursula Carrie~ Creator/Channel for Plant-a-Prayer™

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